Unique REI  End-to-End Turn-key Support Services

With over 70 years combined expereince, we’ve strived to offer the best, most complete turn-key REI services which we call the Mojo Michael Concierge Service.  

Curious about what our team has done?  Here’s a small glimpse…


# of Deals Worked

$30 Million

Largest Deal Done


States We Work In

What do we do?

We’re Not Like Everyone Else

We’ve taken years to put this together the right way - based off our success -  to make sure we help you every step of the way – as much or as little as you’d like - with our turn-key support team.  You decide how much or how little help you’d like – and the best part is we don’t charge you more for our expertise!

Mojo-Trained Lead Callers

Our Mojo-Trained lead callers are hand-picked after an extensive interview process and chosen for their skills and ability to succeed.  We train them personally to make sure they are ready to support you and your chosen imported lead list.  We also pay our lead callers well above average which allows us to pick the best of the best.  We want everyone we work with to be successful!

Full Deal Support - Just a Call Away

Want to work your leads on your own?  No problem.  Want the assistance from our highly experienced team including Mojo Michael himself?  Give us a call!  We’re happy to joint-venture with you on your warm leads and we can assist with full deal analysis, help in negotiating with sellers (you can listen in and learn how we do it!), closing the deal with the sellers, contracting (in Texas only), and all the way through to the exit strategy whether it be fix-and-flip, buy and hold, or wholesaling to the 45,000+ on our buyers list.

Personalized and Built out CRM

Zero sharing leads and zero sharing deals. Your CRM is 100% your own. You can invite as many team members as you would like to join your platform, and then get started closing deals! Your VA will work within your platform. Everything will be custom-built out to how you need it. From notifications and reminders, to lead communication and management.

Done For You Websites & Branding

We've partnered with Main St. REI to provide members with their own website built out for you! This is an incredible tool for you to use as an authority builder and lead generator. All leads will be automatically added to your CRM and communicated with right away automatically. This site can be built out however you need! 100% accessible to you.

Strategic Partners Ready to Assist You

We’ve built our hand-picked power team after years of searching for the best in their respective areas.  Now we’re sharing our personal power team with you at no charge! Whether you need lending, investor-friendly title company and legal services, short sale specialists, realtors or more, you’ll have access to the people we personally work with on our own deals!

Turn-Key Exit Strategy Support

If you choose to partner with us on your leads, we can also assist with handling fix and flips, GC’s for the rehabs, wholesaling to the 45,000 buyers on our buyers list, and just about any exit strategy you can think of – residential or commercial.

What does our Concierge Services mean for you? 

You'll have a partner with you every step of the way -  if you’d like - from beginning to end  to help you be successful.  

Why risk your deals working with others?


What Others Have Said

Our priority is helping other achieve their goals when it comes to real estate investing. Here's what a couple of people have said recently.


"Michael’s team is always easy to deal with. They have research to back up their numbers and are always happy to share that with us which is why we are a repeat customer of theirs!"

Mark Peet

"A big shout out to Michael in what has turned out to be a lucrative partnership. They have been stellar in knowledge and attitude and accessibility and work wonders day in and day out. Very grateful to be able to work with them!"

Rebecca Fulton

"Michael’s the person to call! He’s helped tremendously with turning my leads into contracts and deals, and also helped me wholesale them. Give him a call!"

John Aguilar


Mojo Michael

After 25 years in the corporate world doing sales and marketing, Michael decided it was time for a change from the corporate grind and be his own boss.

After 7 years as a full time real estate investor, Michael has worked with thousands of sellers, taught thousands of fellow investors through his REI classes, and loves working with people who want to be successful in REI with honesty and integrity.

Click here to book time with Michael and personally go through everything Mojo Michael Concierge Service has to offer!

Letter from Michael:

"Fellow REI Peeps!

As an investor, it's important that you have someone in your corner who understands not only your goals but also the nuances of real estate investing itself—someone who knows how tiring it can be mining through leads or dealing with call reluctance or rejection.
That's where we come in!
With  Mojo Michael Concierge Services, we provide a complete turn-key solution designed specifically for busy investors like yourself who need assistance bringing their investment business up a notch without having to break their necks trying to juggle it all themselves.
With our professional trained lead callers, just imagine being able to get sales appointments with warm leads —without ever having to lift a finger yourself?
Let us be there when those times come; let us worry about setting up your appointments and dealing with the rejections of cold calling while you sit back and plan ways of capitalizing on opportunities to MAKE MONEY!!!"
- Mojo Michael


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