"We Got Our First Deal!" - Alex Ward


"My name is Alex Ward. My background is actually in sales. In the past I was the director of sales and operations for a few companies in the Austin and Dallas area. And we would sell to US-based businesses, help them grow their business. What I really loved about that is I loved helping these businesses being customer-centric selling to them to solve their problems and improve their business. What I didn't like about it was having to really report into someone else talking to the C E O. The c e o makes a decision that, you know isn't going to work because you tried it before. So that's when I decided to really start my own real estate investing company with my partner.

About two months ago, (Michael) told me via Facebook, "Hey, we got this thing called Mojo Michael.
It's gonna help you boost your marketing, boost your sales."

We all know that marketing is a cornerstone to driving business, driving deals, and driving revenue. So when I heard about it, I knew immediately, based on my background, the fastest way to get in front of people who are willing to sign a contract and generate deals is through cold calling. I also knew that setting up a business and being able to make all the cold calls yourself is possible, but it's very hard. So I saw the value right away saying, Hey, let's get a a VA to help us make all these cold calls, set up some appointments for us so we can really take off and hit the ground running and increase our bandwidth as well. So my experience, I can't say enough good things. It's been amazing. So from day one it was signing up for Mojo Michael, working with you, Josh, mojo, Michael and Main Street, r e I work seamlessly together.

So our VAs is able to log in, and they're in there as an employee so we can set up permissions. They're able to call to all of our contacts that we assign to them, and they're even able to use the power dialer to make more calls and be more efficient in their calls. I think what I liked most about it was coming on you had this new system that you really don't know anything about, right? Every system's a little bit different. I loved that Main St. REI I has onboarding videos to help you through getting the setup, decrease the learning curve, and be successful right off the bat. On top of that, we actually were able to schedule a call with you, Josh, where you came on, and you walked us through the end-to-end product and made sure that we understood it completely so we can really hit the ground running and turn it up.

We've seen a lot of success right out the gate. So we started calling on July 14th. That same day we got a warm lead from our VA making phone calls and we actually were able to get that under contract on the 21st, a week later. So, amazing success. The proof is in the pudding. So the more you do, the more you invest, the more deals you're gonna get.

I'm looking forward to number one, keeping the same process we have, but also improving the processes with automation that Main St. REI offers. And then number two, adding more VAs to it. Having more people call down those lists so we can generate more deals and we can hit our goal. We have big goals this year. We're trying to close 36 deals in our first year and get up to $750,000 in revenue. So we're gonna need some support on that. And it's just putting some more gas on the fire."

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