"A class act" - Vernon Vittatoe


"My name's Vernon Vittatoe, and it's been a pleasure of mine to be able to come and share my story with my Mojo Michael experience and coming into this business. Well, when you want to talk about a class act this is definitely something you want to try to be a part of. There has not been a moment in which I could reach out to Michael or reach out to Josh. There's not a time where I didn't get a response fairly quickly. If they were busy, they got back to me very quickly, email and phone calls and text messages. So there wasn't a long delay from the time I reached out in getting a response in order to get my questions answered or even get some clarification. And also to get the support that I was looking for. With joining the Mojo Michael platform, we were able to get assigned to us a va.

And with that VA started making phone calls for, for my particular business. And we got our first lead. The lead reached out. And with that being said, my work hours are very long days. I don't have a lot of time, and so that's one reason I needed a va, which this service provides. But at the time that the person was requesting to have phone calls, I was not able to do it due to my work schedule. So I just simply, you know, shot Michael Text, said, Michael, can you get on the phone and talk to this prospect that I have here that's interested in, in talking to us? 'cause I don't have a time slot that I'm gonna be able to do it for late in the evening. And he promptly reached out and he came back to me and gave me the information as to what their conversation was.

And with that being said, over the next two, three days both Michael and I in combination and negotiating and all that, Michael was able to bring it to the, you know, bring it to the table. And we had the deal closed in a matter of, like I said, two, three days. Everything was already, you know, set and signed and with Michael's connections related to be able to bring people to the table. I, I think it was just a fantastic experience for me, simply because I know my work schedule and given the situation that we had with this particular client she was in in a situation where it had to happen now. And in that case, Michael definitely jumping on board with being able to, to handle the calls when I wasn't able to. Definitely brought it home a lot faster than I probably could have done being particularly, it was my first deal. And so that was even more exciting to be able to partner with Michael

In order to try to learn how he, you know, worked and talked to the clients and be able to see how he negotiated the deals as we, we moved through the process. So with the C R M process I was not familiar at all if the CRMs, because this real estate is all brand new to me, but Josh has presented a package with the C R M and the service and the information that he provides for you to be able to look, watch videos and bringing up and going through the actual setup process. But then once you have your call with him, he's, he's instantly on point with being able to talk you through the different aspects of getting your c r m up and running, you know, with what it is you want to do with your contact information. I had previous websites that were set up, but Josh was able to take those and absolutely did a phenomenal job with creating a website and the idea that I had in order to move forward.

And so with the kind of vision I had, I just gave him an idea. I gave him my colors and what I was looking for, and he came back with pretty much spot on exactly what I was looking for. So once he was able to get those up and running, I, I think it was just in a matter of, you know, less than two weeks, I believe. And it was just a phenomenal experience to be able to know that every time I picked that phone up with Josh, just like Michael, I got a return call as quickly as possible. And emails were promptly responded to. So if you're looking for a class program to be able to move forward to build a business such as I am starting from scratch, not knowing what I'm doing, but being able to be led through the process with leaders such as Michael, who can get on, explain what we're doing, the negotiation process, be able to help you through the process.

They've got a VA service that they're, that they're working with, that we're assigned, and the VA is being coached with Michael. And then he's also being coached with with Josh to be able to, to do what he needs to do in the C R m to get a fluid process going. And then I'm already seeing the results. I mean, I, I believe in, in just a month, it was just a month I think that we were able to get our first deal closed. And so very excited to be able to look forward, moving forward in the months to come with where we are at this point and what Michael and them have done since opening up the opportunity to be able to work with them in in this concierge service. I would definitely say this one of my biggest thing, first and foremost is time. I don't have it due to my job.

Secondly I don't want I don't want there to be a, a, a time for you to consider finances being an issue because I also considered that, you know, can I actually afford to do this VA service? And in doing it, I finally just said, you know what? We have to be able to move forward. And in talking to Michael initially when it was offered and be able to see what they were going and leading us to, gave you a real comfort. And once you had that comfort zone, you just know that you're in good hands with where you have the opportunity to move. So if, if time finances are concerned that the bank worth the buck in doing this I would definitely say move forward with it. Move forward the opportunity, especially with the teaching and the, the handholding that you're able to get. Because once you get that you're gonna see that the sky's the limit. I already see it. I feel it. And I haven't had a, a, sense of hesitancy once since I, I decided to move forward with this process. It's all been absolutely great."


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