"Mojo knows the business inside and out"


Joshua Novak from Main St. REI had the chance to sit down with David Mitchell and talk about his experience with the Mojo Michael service and utilizing the Main St. REI platform through it.



Joshua Novak:
Alright, well once again, I just appreciate you being willing to do this, but just to start, can you just give me some background on who you are and your journey going into real estate and some of your background?

David Mitchell:
Sure, sure. My name's David was into buying properties back in the nineties and saw a few cycles going on and I kind of see the same thing going on today that money's tightening up, layoffs and whatnot and so it prompted me to get back into the real estate market. I've got another business thing where we design and build custom dining tables and conference tables, but I got ahold of Main Street at Main Street, REI. You have been truly phenomenal in how you've been able to take care of me and get me up to speed on how to operate the system. Also understand a little bit more about the market and overall, so you have a lot of credibility with me. Then you recommended Mojo Mike as far as a VA for calling on properties and all that. ConEd Mike and he's been truly phenomenal on how much he's willing to help his real estate knowledge separated him far and above of another VA that I was actually subscribed to.

Those people didn't have any real estate working knowledge. Michael is full of it and he knows what's going on and how to solve problems and so they've done really well at being able to provide leads. You have a great CRM system and everything that works real well that I'm comfortable with and I'm not tech savvy and your quick response and everything, you amaze me and everything when you answered my email or something at nine, 10 o'clock at night, I was expected to hear from you in the morning and you both, you guys are truly amazing at being able to take care of somebody in my position, meaning I'm new to the real estate game again, which has changed dramatically, dramatically since the nineties. Everything is tech now. I'm old school, notepad, pen, cell phone. So learning what I have to learn to be able to play in this arena today, you guys have been truly phenomenal being able to bring that to fruition.

Joshua Novak:
Well, I appreciate you sharing that. What would you tell somebody that's trying to get into real estate, right? They maybe have the expertise, the knowledge, but they just need the practical tools and execution level to pull it off. What would you tell somebody on the fence of where should they head for really, really executing in their real estate journey?

David Mitchell:
As far as the CRM, obviously there's 20 million different CRM systems out there and then, but if they want somebody that's going to be Josh, you process very fast. Everything you're able to resolve issues quick and not hesitate you take care of business. Okay. So as far as the CRM service, I think that they would do really well by signing up with you at Main Street to be able to have the customer service and the expertise to be able to move along without having to wait years for email responses or being able to get you on the phone or whatever the case. You're very good at customer service, you're working knowledge, your ability to make things happen. As far as a VA service, again, Mike Mojo, Mike knows the business inside and out and again, he processes quick. If you want to know answers without stalling out, no bs, no nothing. He's a straight shooter, tells you how it is, anything, and there you go. If you're that kind of guy that's a quick decision maker, then Mojo Mike is definitely your guy because you're going to line up perfectly.

Joshua Novak:
Awesome. Well, I appreciate you saying that. We really appreciate you working with us and it's been really fun to work together on this. So thank

David Mitchell:
Thanks much, both of y'all have been fantastic and I truly appreciate it. 


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